Women’s and Diversity Initiatives

The LCA maintains aggressive Women’s and Diversity Initiatives. With executive control and oversight, membership inclusiveness is a proactive element of the LCA’s overall purpose and goals. Though previous decades have seen substantial growth among women, minorities, cultures and orientations within the bar, recognition of excellence among lawyers from these groups has not kept pace. This is where the Litigation Counsel of America has stepped forward.

Today’s bar is reflective of the future, not the past. Its face is more colorful and feminine than in years past. Inclusion and diversity are at the forefront among law firms and law departments globally. The American Bar Journal has featured statements by corporate counsel on the importance of diversity in the selection of outside counsel.

A big part of the LCA’s role in today’s bar is promoting professionalism and networking opportunities for women and minorities. Gone are the stoic days when business among men only was perpetuated and protected. Today’s progress is based on inclusion and diversity. Regardless of the area of practice, civil or criminal, employment or personal injury, workers’ compensation or environmental, the lawyers excelling in each practice area show evidence of change, and a broadening of America’s perspective on performance. The LCA is proud to include diversity in its triad approach to recognition of excellence among its members.

The LCA believes that the legal profession has become stronger through inclusion, with attainable solutions for historical problems. Our commitment to bring into the fold lawyers of each sex, all races, all ethnic backgrounds and orientations, and each economic sphere from every community makes the LCA timely in its approach, which puts it at the leading edge of progress in recognizing all elements of the bar. The LCA’s commitment is intended to foster mutual respect among and across each segment of the legal profession, and to make the future even brighter than the past. Through its efforts, the LCA’s goal is to create voices of advocacy that are heard without bias, and without predisposition.

The Litigation Counsel of America takes seriously the visibility of its members. Fellows are recognized for achievement, and the LCA’s role is ongoing in pursuit of greater accomplishments, expertise and promotion of its membership body. Given its aggressive policy of inclusion and diversity, firm value is achieved through Fellow association with the LCA.


2024 LCA Conference & Celebration of Fellows

October 23-25, 2024
Four Seasons Jackson Hole
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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