The LCA is presided over by its President and Advisory Board.  Management of the society’s affairs is vested in its Executive Director.  The President maintains an agenda furthering the society’s growth among elite trial lawyers internationally, though primarily throughout North America, and sets the tone for advancement of the society’s influence as the trial lawyer honorary society.

The Advisory Board is selected based upon geographical and racial and gender factors that further its mission of diversity in recognition of elite trial lawyers.  The Advisory Board sits at the request of the Nominations Committee, with input by various other committees within the LCA, and is called upon periodically to provide advice and counsel, and address aspects covering membership standards, the judiciary and state and province member selection.  Separate boards exist for the Diversity Law Institute and Trial Law Institute, as well as some LCA practice institutes.  The Advisory Board officially acts in approval of Fellow selections and invitees, as well as other activities of the LCA in which independent consultation or approval may be requested.  The President, President Elect and immediate Past President sit on the Advisory Board during their tenures, along with the Executive Director and General Counsel.  The Past Presidents are ex-officio members of the Advisory Board.


2024 LCA Conference & Celebration of Fellows

October 23-25, 2024
Four Seasons Jackson Hole
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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Where are the Women's Voices by LCA Senior Fellow Sheryl L. Axelrod

Where are the Women's Voices by LCA Senior Fellow Sheryl L. Axelrod Read on


Thomas A. Mesereau Cup

Each year the LCA awards the Thomas A. Mesereau Cup to a deserving lawyer practicing in the area of criminal law. The award recognizes excellence and commitment at the highest level.

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LCA Scene

2024 LCA Spring Retreat

2024 LCA Spring Retreat Read on